Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is DW LLP being proactive in light of COVID19?
  • Who will be working on my file?
  • Do you charge for simple queries by phone or email?
  • What is the workflow process of year end accounting/reporting?
  • Is work done annually after year end has been completed, or can any part be done on an interim basis?

A DW LLP has been taking all steps necessary to protect our staff and our clients, while still maintain as much functionality as possible.

  • Within the office social distancing is the norm,
  • Masks are to be worn if distancing needs be closer than 6 feet.
  • Protective screens are being installed and
  • No sharing of devices, nevertheless any cross contamination of keyboards, etc, requires sanitizing wipe down between users.

For client interactions:

  • Whenever possible, data communication is done by secure means digitally, DocuSign, DropBox encrypted email, password protected documents, or whatever means is most convenient for the client
    • We are a generally a paperless office. Pertinent Client materials are scanned into the work file. Before and afterwards hand sanitizing steps are taken. Masks are worn during the process to avoid face touching.
    • COVID can live up to 4 days on paper. If the job start is not immediate, the staff might wait 4 days before handling. Otherwise sanitizing steps before and handling the materials are required.
  • Meetings are arranged or attended vis ZOOM, WebEX, Google Meetings etc. whenever possible.
  • In office, in person meetings are generally discouraged during COVID. However, If an in person meeting is still most expeditious they are held by appointment and the boardroom sanitized after each meeting. Any coffees or supplies are provided, we request no food or drink be brought be in.

The will be a Partner and manager assigned. Work may be done directly, but wherever possible a staff of appropriate experience and qualifications assigned to assist with the project. Continuity of staff on each file is encouraged to promote efficiencies.

Quick calls and emails throughout the year are generally provided as part of our service and are not usually extra billed. Simple business, tax and accounting queries encouraged as they promote knowledge of the business and help our clients to avoid costly or time consuming errors.

However should significant research or consultation be required it may be treated a separate billable event.

Generally soon before or after the year end a “Prepare by client” list is sent to help the accounting department assemble or prepare the materials and analysis to enable us to do our part most efficiently.

The job is tentatively scheduled based on clients expected time frames of material readiness, and preferably on a first in, fist out basis.

Sometimes circumstances may require a file to be assessed as a priority, such as time sensitive user requirements for a pending sale, purchase, etc.

Although most choose for us to prepare year end reporting in one go, we encourage progressive completion on an interim basis for several reasons.

  • There is much in the way of accounting functions, analysis, and testing that can be done on an interim basis.
  • Work can be done at less active times for the client when staff is readily available to assist and enhance our efficiency.
  • Any unexpected or problematic issues discovered can be addressed before year end is final – no surprises!
  • Turnover time at year end is improved.